AboutMy heart is, and always will be, yours. -Jane Austen

  • Megan

  • Hi, I'm Megan. I live in Seattle with my husband, Austin, who gifted me my first camera as we were driving away from our own wedding (how's that for foreshadowing?). I love early mornings, fresh flowers, and any excuse to wear mittens. I think the ocean is the most romantic place in the world, and will probably hug you if you ask me to take your pictures there. The smell of Christmas trees is my favorite scent in the world, and I have never felt more myself than I did when I dressed up as a Christmas elf for Halloween several years ago.

    Needless to say, I'm a little quirky and romantic. But I think we're all a little quirky and romantic, and that's what I like about us.

The Ink & Grain Philosophy
  • The Ink & Grain Philosophy

  • I take a fine art approach to wedding photography & am very hands on when it comes to creating wedding portraiture. I very much believe that there are moments & interactions during a wedding day that need to be captured just as they are, and I will absolutely respect those moments. But when you hold your images in your hands, I want you to feel as though you're holding a piece of art, and I will be as involved in the process of posing and directing as I feel necessary to give you images that you feel proud to showcase in your home.

    My goal is to provide you with imagery that captures your unique love for one another in a timeless & romantic style. When you look back at your wedding photographs, I want you to not only be reminded of the moments from your wedding day, but of the feelings behind those moments as well.

My Love Affair with Film
  • My Love Affair with Film

  • As I get older, I realize that the truly treasured moments in my life are the slow, intentional, and fully present ones. I've come to learn that film is the absolute embodiment of that type of intentionality in my work. I slow down, soak in the moment, wait for something truly extraordinary, and click the shutter. Film allows me to be fully present with my client, giving every detail the attention it deserves. And the work that film allows me to produce is truly timeless & heirloom quality.

    If I were to describe film images to you, I would tell you that film creates a nostalgia and romance that makes you come back to your images again & again. It soaks you in light & illuminates you in a way that only film can do. And finally, film creates a softness that makes you feel truly timeless & sophisticated all at the same time.